• Groom mad at sister for scheduling gender reveal party on wedding day: 'Nobody even apologized'

    An anonymous newlywed was left fuming after a gender reveal party was allegedly scheduled on the same day as the wedding.

    The groom posted on the Reddit forum, “Am I the A--hole,” asking others if he was in the wrong for being angry at his sister’s actions.


    “I don't live near any family except my grandparents who are in the next town over and all my family lives spread out across the country. So when I was getting Married last week we had the wedding at my house and invited every one here to celebrate with us on our wedding day,” he wrote on Reddit.

    “The plan was wedding at 3. Reception at 4 and after party at 7 or 8pm. Everyone was invited to all 3 parts well ahead of time. The after Party was set up so that we could actually spend real time with our friends and family instead of all the stiff formalities of the reception,” the post continued.

    However, once the party began, the groom claimed “half the wedding left including my entire family.”

    The groom posted on the Reddit forum, “Am I the A--h---,” asking others if he?was?in the wrong for being angry at his?sister’s actions.

    The groom posted on the Reddit forum, “Am I the A--h---,” asking others if he?was?in the wrong for being angry at his?sister’s actions. (iStock)

    “Not a single member of my family stayed.”

    Though the family members weren’t just calling it a night early – the unidentified man discovered later they had all gone to his grandparents’ house nearby for a gender reveal party his sister had planned and not told him about.

    “Nobody bothered to ask if I wanted to go. Nobody showed up to my party. Nobody even apologized for not coming. I had wanted to spend quality time with my family but instead they all just left. They had all flown in just for the weekend so I didn't get to talk to them before the wedding as it was all hectic from wedding prep. Then they flew out the next day,” he wrote.


    The groom was shocked by his sister’s behavior and wrote he was “so mad” that he doesn’t know how to talk to them at the moment — especially on a day that “should have been my day,” he wrote.

    The poster wrote in a follow-up comment that he specifically requested to have a wedding to bring his family, including his divorced parents, together.

    “My beautiful bride wanted to elope but said we could do the wedding if I wanted to. My family all lives spread out across the county. The main reason why I wanted to have a real wedding was so that for the first time in my 30 year life I could have all my family in one place at one time.”

    Those on the Reddit forum came to the groom’s defense, claiming he was in the right for being angry at the timing of his sister’s gender reveal.

    “[Not the a--h---]. Though, it kind of sounds like your family doesn't like you very much,” one person wrote.

    “From the sound of things, [Original Poster]'s family was all in town together for a short time, and they wanted to go celebrate with the sister badly enough that they were willing to offend OP in order to do so. I don't know what that says about OP's relationship with these folks to begin with, but OP is totally NTA for being upset about it,” another commented.


    “I'd be upset too!” one person offered.

    Some in the comments ask the poster to confront his sister and then update the story — though the groom did not confirm whether he would or not.

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