• Kidnap victim Jayme Closs honored as ‘hometown hero’ by Wisconsin Assembly

    Jayme Closs is being honored by state lawmakers as a “hometown hero.”

    The 13-year-old, who was held prisoner in a Wisconsin cabin for three months before escaping her abductor, appeared with family members and friends to receive her honor in the Assembly chamber on Wednesday, FOX 6  Milwaukee reported.

    Her aunt, Jen Smith, accepted the award and said Jayme’s bravery and spirit are inspiring.

    "Speaking for her entire family, I have to say, Jayme is totally deserving of the hero part of this award," Smith said.  "Her courage, her bravery and her spirit are things that inspire us and make us stronger and better. Just like you, we want Jayme to know how much we love her."

    Jayme stood behind her aunt but did not speak.

    It was the most public appearance to date for Jayme, who escaped her kidnapper in January.

    The FBI also posted pictures on social media of Jayme in the Capitol posing with her award.


    Jake Patterson has pleaded guilty to kidnapping Jayme and killing her parents on Oct. 15.

    He faces life in prison when sentenced on May 24.

    The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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