• 5 crazy AI-powered gadgets that think for you

    In case you haven’t been paying attention, gadgets with artificial intelligence are getting even smarter. Feel free to panic about “Terminator”-style robots taking over the world, but for now, these gadgets save us time by thinking for us. Some are so smart they trick a criminal into looking at a security camera; another senses how much detergent you need for your dirty clothes.

    1. Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro

    The Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro can sense when someone is on your property.

    The Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro can sense when someone is on your property. (Vivint)

    My favorite gadget of the year so far, the Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro can sense when someone is on your property. It will then play a whistle sound and snap a picture when the intruder looks at the camera. Brilliant. You can customize the sounds and how often the camera snaps pics.

    2. Whirlpool Smart Front Load Washer

    Finally, a washing machine that knows how much detergent you need! With a fill capacity for up to 40 loads, the Whirlpool Smart Front Load Washer automatically senses load size. Called Load & Go, it’s curiously omniscient. There’s also a matching dryer.


    3. Lenovo Smart Clock

    This Google-powered clock knows how to wake you up gradually. Connected to the lights in your home, the alarm clock can slowly increase the volume and lights as you wake up over a 30-minute period. The Google Assistant can even read the news.

    4. Ring Door View Cam

    You know a gadget is thinking for you when it can predict human behavior. The Ring Door View Cam is smart enough to know when someone knocks at the door instead of using the doorbell. A sensor detects the knock and alerts you. You’ll be able to see the visitor and respond.


    5. CAR.O.L. Fitness Technologies Stationary Bike

    Can machine learning actually help you lose weight? That’s the idea behind this stationary bike, which guides you through a short workout and adjusts tension automatically. All you have to do is pedal since the bike knows when to ease up or make you push harder.

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